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Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Serene and welcoming

Since 1923, the Sounkaku Grand Hotel has carried on the concept introduced by its founder, Hatsuichi Arai and continues to pass on its traditions and spirit of hospitality, which is expressed in the peaceful atmosphere and open ambience of the guest rooms. The hotel offers a gracious reception and rooms that afford beautiful views of the Sounkyo Valley throughout the seasons.

Deluxe Suites[3 rooms]

Room No.1000

Unwind in an elegant room with an excellent view

Guests will love the breathtaking view of the Sounkyo Valley from the top floor. The roomy accommodations merge an atmosphere of excellence with a Japanese mood of tranquility to offer guests a soothing experience.

Suite Rooms[2 rooms]

Room No.1007

Fully enjoy an elegant setting

An exclusive view overlooking the ever-changing landscape of the Sounkyo Valley, available from the upper floors. Guests can savor a languid, leisurely pace as they relax in accommodations offering the absolute best in every detail.

KAFU Floor[9 rooms]

Room No.806 [FLORA]

Luxury spaces with an abundance of natural delight, perfect for unwinding

Guests staying in these rooms can take in the full splendor of Daisetsuzan’s nature, from early spring’s fresh greens to autumn’s golden hues.
Each of our three room styles, FLORA (two rooms), SYLPHY (six rooms) and ELFIN (one room), offer Western-style accommodations steeped in a distinct Japanese atmosphere.
FLORA and ELFIN rooms offer an unimpeded view of the Ice Waterfall Festival grounds, allowing guests to enjoy a direct view of the fireworks directly from their rooms.

Renovated Rooms [15 rooms]

Room No.825

Intimate, Japanese-style rooms provide just the right amount of comfort

We have enhanced the refined design of the Japanese-style rooms by offering guest rooms furnished with an abundance of conveniences, including a liquid-crystal display TV, a DVD player, and a comfortable powder room. The modern touches to the traditional Japanese-style room have proven popular and are especially appreciated by our female guests.

Japanese and Western-style Rooms [13 rooms]

Room No.907

Merging East with West provides a different kind of comfort

These spacious rooms are furnished with both tatami mats and beds, and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Rest in the Japanese-style room and sleep on the beds…These rooms are popular with families that like the freedom of choosing how they want to relax.

Japanese-style Rooms [119 rooms]

Japanese-style Rooms Image01

Charming, standard Japanese-style accommodations

Japanese-style rooms with the sweet aroma of tatami are perfect for a hot spring trip. The rooms are impeccably kept and fully furnished with conveniences, including air purification units. Rooms are available in various sizes, from 8 tatami to 12 tatami (confirmation necessary) to easily accommodate large groups.

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