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Hot Spring Baths

A beautiful valley of hot springs encircled by Daisetsuzan National Park

Sounkaku Grand Hotel has a famous spa that greets visitors with the bubbling waters of a natural hot spring (water is added to the hot spring because of its high temperature). An unhurried soak in the superb water, which is effective for ailments, while enjoying a view of the abundant nature found in Daisetsuzan National Park is a perfect way to warm and relax the body from within after a day of mountain climbing in the summer, viewing autumn colors in the fall, or skiing in the winter.

Keikoku Open air Bath

Keikoku Open-air Bath Image01

Set in a ravine, bathers can appreciate the scenery throughout the four seasons

The absolute best feature of this open-air bath located on the 5th floor is the amazing view. Guests can view the breathtaking ravine in the Sounkyo Valley to their heart’s content.
Because the scenery changes with each season, guests enjoy the never-ending, deep foliage in summer, the colorful fall leaves in autumn, and the snowy white scenery in winter. Visitors are particularly fond of the fantastic, snowy landscape during the winter nights when it is lit up. The amazing experience of being enveloped in the water’s warmth while being gently touched by the cool breezes of the north is unique to the northern region.

Marumo Large Bath

Marumo Large Bath Image01

A spacious, indoor bath made of marble

The Marumo Large Bath is located on the 1st floor. The word “marumo” means marble stone in Italian, and just as the name implies, the bath is made of marble stone. Although the 2-level bath is indoors, guests can relax in the spacious spa that includes not only the hot spring bath, but also a jacuzzi.