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The key to elegant dining is enjoying excellent meals

We serve meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients based on the concept of using locally grown products, such as specialties from Kamikawa and ingredients gathered from around Hokkaido. Our chefs carefully create each and every dish with the guest in mind, utilizing their diverse culinary talents and techniques. Guest will enjoy a rich menu of Japanese, Chinese, and Western-style dishes made from a rich variety of seafoods and other select ingredients.

Banquet Meals

旬菜乃膳 [ Shunsai-No-Zen ]

Colorful, seasonal dishes

Guests can relax over meals in a restaurant where dishes are served at horigotatsu tables in a Japanese atmosphere, or at gatherings where the dining experience can be fully enjoyed in a spacious room. Dishes are prepared to complement the natural flavors of ingredients from Hokkaido.

Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet Image01

A flavor fest of seasonal foods! 50 different Japanese, chinese, and Western-style dishes

Our highly skilled chefs painstakingly prepare approximately 50 different seasonal dishes. In addition to culinary delights such as fresh sashimi and crab, for which Hokkaido is well known, a variety of other Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes are also served so that guests of any age will enjoy their meal.

Breakfast Buffet

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Special culinary creations are prepared with fresh ingredients

The breakfast buffet offers a selection of both Japanese and Western foods to satisfy the preferences of any guest, and features a variety of seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido for a refreshing way to start the day.